The Best Ever Nativity Scene

Every year my sister-in-law gets a new nativity set. She collects them and displays them all each year. This year my nephew (her son) made this nativity scene for her collection.

This is definitely my all time favorite nativity scene. The best part is how the baby Jesus is a .45 ACP. Take that, world!

Nativity Scene Using Ammunition

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The 10 Best Guns for Women

Some women have been around guns their entire lives and some women are new to guns. We think that all women should be familiar with guns and know how to use them, so we’ve created the following infographic showing the 10 Best Guns for Women. We started with a huge list and had a hard time cutting it down to just 10. If you have any suggestions for other guns for women we would love to hear them!

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10 Best Guns for Women
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Avoiding Fires When Target Shooting

When it comes to gun ownership and shooting, there are a lot of things you MUST consider when it comes to safety. There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about fires being started from target shooting in the mountains and deserts across the U.S. Because of this, we decided it would be appropriate to create an infographic cover basic fire safety steps that can be taken when target shooting.

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Target Shooting and Fire Safety
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The Rarest Guns You Can’t Have

If you’re into guns, chances are that you’re also in to rare guns. That’s exactly what this infographic below hits on. Guns can be considered rare for all sorts of reasons and most of us gun enthusiasts have a mental checklist of the rare guns we have had the chance to fire. Let us know if you’ve ever gotten a look at, or fired any of the guns in our list below. We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments, and also any guns you think should be added to the list in the future.

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The Rarest Guns You Can't Have - A Look at Rare Guns
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Stand Your Ground Gun Laws (infographic)

The map is updated and now clickable!

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

This map is intended for use as a summary. Please see our disclaimer below.* We used multiple sources to update our map** but the very best resource we found is the book by Mitch Vilos Self Defense Laws of All 50 States. This book is required reading for anybody who carries a weapon. Many states have complex laws. We highlighted those states when you Click for Summary on the map.

Click on Your State for a Summary

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*DISCLAIMER-This map is intended only for use as a summary. We used extensive research to make it as complete and up to date as possible, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Do not rely on this map, or any other online resource as your final source for self defense information.


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We HIGHLY RECOMMEND consulting a criminal defense attorney in your state BEFORE threatening or using deadly force. A few hundred dollars spent initially can save you thousands of dollars later, as well as help keep you out of prison. Be careful with advice from friends or even firearms instructors for your information. Always back up any information you receive with a visit to an attorney.

Below is our original Stand Your Ground infographic.

It contains a lot of errors that have been fixed in the map above, but we’ve left it in this blog post 1st as a point of reference and 2nd because below the map contains statistics that we want to keep showing.

The topic of Stand Your Ground Gun Laws has been in the news a lot in recent months due to all the media coverage given to the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case. Because of this, we decided to take it upon ourselves to put together an infographic that breaks down exactly what the Stand Your Ground Gun Laws include, Where different states fall with regards to adoption of these laws, and some additional stats related to firearm related violence. We hope you enjoy this graphic and share it with your friends!

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Stand Your Ground Gun Laws by State Infographic
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State Statutes from the various states laws
Book: Self Defense Laws of all 50 states by Mitch Vilos

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Holsters for Springfield XD Subcompact Now Being Sold Nationwide by Ready Holster

As sales of the side holsters for the XD increase, Ready Holster expands their line of holsters for the Springfield handgun.

Salt Lake City, UT (18, July 2011)— Ready Holster now has new companion holsters for their popular side holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact. Joining the line up are concealed, shoulder and tactical holsters.

Springfield XD Subcompact

Springfield XD Sub-Compact

Ready Holster has been working hard to keep up with the strong demand of holsters for the Springfield XD Subcompact.  Ready holster has also been expanding their line of holsters for the XD Subcompact.  Ready Holster’s President, Matthew Prestwich reported, “We are excited about our new side holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact with laser.  Especially with how popular the XD has become we needed to design a holster that could accommodate a rail mounted laser. However even with this addition we still needed more holsters to supply the growing demand; now we have expanded our line.”

Prestwich then began to elaborate on the three new holsters that Ready Holster was making available. Starting with the IWB holsters he said, “We designed the concealed holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact so that it allows for placement either in the small of your back, or to your side. It also allows for left handed use. The holster also has a narrow profile which makes it highly concealable on the inside of your pants. Even though the XD subcompact is a little bigger than most subcompacts it is still a good size for concealment. The concealment holster for the XD is designed with the XD size in mind and is modified to be able to allow its barrel to fit into the concealed holster.

“The design of the tactical holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact includes a retention strap with a clip which provides the strong retention for your gun required for high activity situations,” Prestwich continued, “We realized that many people would want to be able to do more with their XD than to just take it to the range so we knew this was a must. And even with the strong retention clip it is still undo the clip and draw the gun with one hand.”

“The last holster that we thought we really needed to add to our line of XD products was a horizontal shoulder holster for the XD Subcompact. Because of the short barrel of the subcompact XD it is a perfect candidate for concealing in a horizontal shoulder holster.” Prestwich said. Ready Holster’s horizontal shoulder holster are designed to be adjustable to fit different body types and has a pouch for extra magazines.”

“At Ready Holster we are always looking for ways in which we can expand our line of products, and we are very excited about these three new holsters for the the Springfield XD subcompact. We plan to continue to make additions to our store as often as we can,” Prestwich concluded.

About Ready Holster

Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.

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Ready Holster releases its Line of Concealed Holsters for 1911’s

The Colt 1911 has been one of the most long lasting durable handgun designs.  It is widely copied making it one of the most common handguns in the world.  Ready Holster announces the release of a low profile concealment holster for 1911 Pistols.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (12, July 2011)— The Colt 1911 was designed by John Browning and manufactured by Colt Firearms for the U.S. Army in the year 1911.  The design proved to be very reliable and successful.  When the original patents expired for the Colt 1911, the design of the firearm was widely copied by other gun manufacturers.  This has led to the 1911 being one of the most common handguns in the world.

Ready Holster announces the release of a new concealed holster for handguns based on the 1911 design.  “The slender design of the 1911 makes it an ideal gun for concealed carry,” said Rose Jones, chief of product development for Ready Holster.  “Our goal was to design a low profile concealable holster that would accentuate the slender design of a 1911 and would not add extra bulk when carrying concealed,” Jones continued.

Matthew McPhie, assistant product designer at Ready Holster added, “Many states have begun to relax their concealed carry laws.  Millions of Americans are taking concealed carry classes and are getting licensed to carry concealed firearms in their state.”  McPhie continued “This has created a big demand for low profile concealment holsters.  The 1911 is very popular for concealed carry because it has a slender design, but uses large caliber rounds.  We felt that by making a low profile concealed holster for 1911’s we would be able to meed the demand from our customers who have 1911’s.”

Ready Holster uses a simple design to keep the profile of the holster as small as possible.  “We wanted to keep the bulk of the holster at a minimum.  However, we also wanted to make sure the holster protected the surface finish of the gun,” said Jones.  “We accomplished this by using soft fabric to line the inside of the holster, combined with ballistic nylon for the outer layer of the holster.  We made the holster without retention straps which saved the extra bulk of using nylon webbing that would be required to hold retention straps,” continued Jones.

“Leaving off the retention straps had two benefits,” McPhie added, “The first benefit is making the 1911 holster slender and easier to conceal.  The second benefit is making it faster and easier to draw the firearm from the holster.  People carrying concealed are already at a disadvantage when drawing their gun because they have to fight through their shirt to reach the handle of the gun.  When you’re in an emergency situation, every second counts.”  McPhie continued, “Not having the retention strap makes it easier and faster to draw the gun.”

Ready Holster designed the concealment holster for inside the waistband use.  It is fastened to your waistband with a metal clip.  The gun and the holster are retained tight into place by wearing a belt which goes over the clip.

About Ready Holster

Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.

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A New Expansion of Holsters for Laser Equipped Guns Available from Ready Holster

As laser manufacturers such as Crimson Trace and LaserMax grow in popularity, so does the demand for holsters that can accommodate guns with these lasers. Ready Holster is pleased to announce new holster designs that will satisfy the demand for these holsters.

Salt Lake City, UT (11, July 2011) — Ready Holster saw the growing need for a holster for guns with lasers and now has holsters for the majority of laser equipped guns. Ready Holster plans to release these holsters within the week.

In a press conference held on June 30, Matthew Prestwich, President of Ready Holster, announced Ready Holster’s new line of holsters. “We have been working on this expansion for quite some time, and we now have the right fit for guns between 2” and 2.75” barrels with under barrel mounted lasers. As the popularity of tactical laser sights grew we saw that we would need to have a holster that would be able to accommodate them.”  Prestwich continued, “A conventional holster is not be able to fit these laser equipped guns. Most conventional holsters taper off at the end to provide a tight, secure fit for guns.  However once you attach a laser below the barrel of the gun it then becomes too big to be able to fit into a holster.  For example,  in order to fit, a holster for a Ruger LC9 with laser would need to have the bottom larger to accommodate the barrel plus the laser.  Our new line of holsters has extra width at the bottom to accommodate lasers of all kind.”

Ready Holster Vice President Rose Goncalves added, “Along with the new belt and clip side holsters we also have ankle holsters for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and guns of that size with a laser, including the Diamondback DB380 and Kel-Tec P-32.”  Goncalves continued, “In the future we hope to develop the perfect holster for laser equipped guns with 4-4.5 inch barrels. We are still working on the designs and we still have a couple of bugs to work out before we feel comfortable releasing them to the public.”

With their new expansion Ready Holster is particularly excited about their hip holster for S&W Bodyguard 380. “The Bodyguard is becoming a very popular gun and there are not very many options for somebody wanting a holster for it. Since the laser is built into the gun there is no other holster option except one that has been designed to hold a gun with a laser,” said Prestwich.  “We are glad that we can now provide both a side holster and an ankle holster for the Bodyguard.”

Additionally Ready Holster announces a holster for guns with lasers between 3” and 3.75” barrels. These holsters fit many guns like Subcompact Berretta Px4 Strom or the H&K P2000.  “We are really excited about our additional products.  Handguns with lasers are the future in firearm innovation and Ready Holster intends to work hand in hand with firearm and laser makers,” concluded Prestwich.

About Ready Holster

Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.

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Ready Holster Celebrates the Beginning of Their Second Year of Business

At only a year old Ready Holster has gone through much growth. Ready Holster’s founder and President Matthew Prestwich, looking towards a bright future, says Ready Holster isn’t about to slow down now.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (05, July 2011) — Ready Holster, though only a year old, has grown much and is still supplying quality holsters to customers in the United States.   As he celebrates the anniversary Matthew Prestwich, President and founder of Ready Holster, reflects the past year and announces plans for the future.

In an interview at the Ready Holster 1st Anniversary Party held on July 2nd,  Prestwich said “It’s been very gratifying to see Ready Holster develop like this,” Prestwich continued, “When I first created Ready Holster I had no idea just how fast it would grow.  Before Ready Holster there were a lot of existing handgun models that didn’t have holsters.  Plus gun manufacturers are coming out with an increasing number of models every year.  There is a huge demand for holsters to accommodate these guns.”

Prestwich continued,  “As our second year begins we are please to have already made some improvements to Ready Holster.  For instance we began to implement our new innovative modification to our concealed holsters.  We have also released the Holster Finder v. 2.0. and updated our holster video demonstrations.”

“It’s been a long year but worth it. I haven’t done it by myself though,” Prestwich reported,” I have had a lot of help to get this far, and I would like to take a moment to thank all of my staff and my dedicated employee’s. They are what has made Ready Holster what is today.”

At their important one year mile stone Ready Holster announced a new project that They have in the works. “Our experts, as we speak, are doing research into selling lasers and other tactical supplies.” Prestwich reported, “We are very excited about this new expansion and we hope to have this new wing of out business up and running as soon as possible.”

About Ready Holster

Ready Holster was started in 2010 by the President, Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.

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Concealed Holsters for the Beretta Px4 Storm Now Available from Ready Holster

As the Beretta Px4 Storm has become more popular, the design team at Ready Holster has made an innovative new approach to concealing the sizable Storm.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (28, June 2011) — Ready Holster announces it’s new line of concealed holsters for all sizes of the Beretta Px4 Storm. The innovative design for their holsters makes the Storm an ideal gun for concealment.

The power and form of the Storm have made it one of Beretta’s most successful firearms; however due to its considerable size, the Beretta Storm has previously been hard to conceal. Instead of an obstacle, Ready Holster saw this as an opportunity to excel. Matthew Prestwich, President of Ready Holster is pleased with the results. “The problem with most IWB holsters is that they are very restrictive as far as size goes. Many guns with large girths, like the IWI Baby Eagle or H&K P2000, even if their barrel is short enough to conceal, just won’t fit in most concealment holsters,” Prestwich reported, “Even the Beretta Storm Sub-compact won’t fit because, though shorter in length, still has a large barrel girth.

Most concealment holster designs restrict the size of barrel that can fit in the holster. For maximum concealment, these restrictive holsters are made with as little material as possible. There is just enough material enough to hold the gun in place. The holster is made with a a pouch containing a hole in the bottom to allow the barrel to go though but prevent the trigger guard from slipping through as well. In order to make sure the holster doesn’t let the gun fall though the hole in the bottom, the hole can’t be too big or else it risks the gun working its way loose.

“Because of this restriction, most guns with a barrel girth bigger than about an inch don’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of fitting in most concealment holsters,” said Jonathan DeMann, the Quality Control Manager at Ready Holster. “The answer is simple,” DeMann continues, “It happens in the quality control just before the holster is shipped out. The people in the QC department increase the size of the hole to accommodate the specific gun. For instance if someone bought a concealed holster for the Beretta Storm we would then, using the specifications of that gun, custom modify the holster. To ensure the strength of the holster we drive a rivet though the bottom.”

“We are very excited about the new expansions we’ve made with this innovation,” Prestwich said, “We are adding new guns to our list for modified concealment holsters and we are very glad that The Beretta storm is now on that list.”

About Ready Holster

Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.

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