The 10 Best Guns for Women

Some women have been around guns their entire lives and some women are new to guns. We think that all women should be familiar with guns and know how to use them, so we’ve created the following infographic showing the 10 Best Guns for Women. We started with a huge list and had a hard time cutting it down to just 10. If you have any suggestions for other guns for women we would love to hear them!

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10 Best Guns for Women
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38 Responses to The 10 Best Guns for Women

  1. Mr. Cool says:

    That’s pretty funny that you have a drone and a tank at the end. My wife would love one of those drones!

  2. Marie J Bass says:

    What about the Lady Smith & Wesson 38 5-shot revolver? Is that a good ladies gun?

    • countrystarr says:

      The Lady Smiths are great little guns. If you can’t get your hands on a Predator Drone, a Lady Smith is a great 2nd option 🙂 One of the big advantages of the Lady Smith is that since it is a revolver it is very reliable (no gun jamming). One downside to the Lady Smith is that most models you can only get two fingers on the grip. I’ve found that women are much more comfortable with guns where they can get three fingers on the grip.

      • Ginny Johnson says:

        I have a S&W Air-Lite, Model 342 that is, I believe, almost a twin of the Lady Smith. I obtained replacement grips which really made a difference: very little difference in concealability and much easier to shoot. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything. Well, maybe the tank!

        • Nora says:

          The lady smith is a 357 mag, but you can shoot a 38 spl out of any 357 mag. The 642 (the revolver I believe you are referring to) is a great gun and I have sold many to several women. The lady smith is a but heavier with a longer barrel which I think you may enjoy more. The weight of the gun helps to absorb the recoil rather then your hands having to do all the work. On that same note more women in my experience, enjoy the walther pk380. The gun is very lightweight, the slide is easy to rack, less recoil then 38spl, and you can also get a laser that either comes on it or added to it later. Plus you can get a full hand on it giving you more control over the weapon. Besides if walther is James bonds gun of choice!

  3. Jeff says:

    You forgot to put the ultimate self defense weapon on the list as long as you were adding an M1A1 and a predator… about an AC-130 Spectre Gunship?

  4. I love 9 and 10. I would have to add a number 11, that would be my DAD.Have to add the disclaimer to only use 1 through 1o only in the event that number 11 is not home.

  5. Ellen Bishop says:

    I am so down for #9 and #10, however, due to reality I’ll have to stick with #6. Happy birthday to me! 🙂

  6. Glock Adopter says:

    An AR-15 is not an assault rifle. The AR stands for Armalite, and assault rifles must be capable of fully automatic fire to be called such. People are working hard right now to keep you from being able to buy some of the items on this list, and use the same misinformation to their advantage.

    Yes, you still need to aim a shotgun. The shot will spread about one inch for every three feet out of the barrel- so at 15 yards, more than twice the distance within which most self defense shootings occur, you only get a 5″ spread. Nobody gets magically blasted out of windows either. 🙂

    • countrystarr says:

      There is not a standard definition of ‘assault rifle.’ Also, the AR-15 may have originally been made by Armalite, but the usage has become so well known that everybody knows what you mean when you say ‘AR-15.’ It’s much like the words ‘Zipper,’ ‘Aspirin,’ and possibly even ‘Band-Aid.’ Through a process known as ‘generitization,’ (a Trademark Law term) these formerly brand names have become the common generic name for the item.

      You don’t say, ‘hey, can you please bring me some ‘acetylsalicylic acid which is a pain relieving analgesic derived from willow bark?’ You say, ‘hey, can you bring me some aspirin,’ and everybody knows what you are talking about.

      The same goes for the AR-15….you wouldn’t say, ‘hey, can you bring me that common rifle that has a distinctive look and detachable magazine, which looks like an assault rifle, but it’s not really an assault rifle because it is not selective fire (but could easily be made selective fire by the addition or modification of a simple part) and was originally made by Armalite, which they called it the AR-15, but in this case it was made by (insert manufacturer)? No…you would just say ‘can you please bring me that AR-15’ and everybody would know what you are talking about.

      I guess you could refer to everything the long complicated way…but eventually your friends would stop hanging out with you 🙂

  7. pamela walls says:

    which is better for concealed and carry for a woman?

    • countrystarr says:

      I would say the S&W Shield is the very best combination of comfort, power, and concealment. It is what I would recommend if you are going to carry concealed a lot.

  8. Just found this and LOVE it. Sharing it on our Facebook page for our NE Chapter of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control.

  9. jen says:

    Another Good One For Smal Hands Is PK380 :)..

  10. maureen says:

    Love my SP101 327! Yes I am a woman.

  11. Janean Giddens says:

    For a 54 y/0 woman, lives in the country and needs “self defense”. Scared to death of guns, but I know I need to learn. What is the best, to start out with??

    • countrystarr says:

      Hi Janean,

      I would recommend starting out with the Walther P22. It is easy to shoot and has a safety. After you feel comfortable with the Walther, then later you could get a more powerful gun for better self defense.

      Good luck!

  12. jabbarschic says:

    I prefer Glocks 26, 19, 27, also Springfield Armory XDM 3.8 compact in 9mm is amazing!

  13. Steph says:

    For concealed carry I loved my new Sig ultra compact 1911 and also an old school 38 special for my purse when I can’t carry on myself! They are both great for small hands.

  14. Marilyn Kamphaus says:

    I like the nighthawk ladyhawk 9mm, also walther p-22

  15. Eric Summerset says:

    Is the Baby Desert Eagle II, 9mm not a viable option?

  16. Jody says:

    WOW!! I love this list, the variety and humor you put into it. Really steps away from the stereotypical lists that are so common and almost degrade the female firearm owner. Thank you so much for putting this together. I would like to feature it on our website if that is possible.


  17. Sal says:

    The Walther p-22 is fine for practice but how about the Walther p-380?

    • countrystarr says:

      The P380 may be a little hard to handle (I don’t even like shooting it) but the PK380 would be a great choice.

  18. kiera says:

    i just receive my gun permit i want an 40 cobra

  19. Val says:

    Considering the Shield or the Sig P938 – not sure which is better. I am petite and lightly built, ie not too many curves.

    • countrystarr says:

      They’re both great guns. For concealability, the P938 is better, but the Shield is probably easier and more comfortable to shoot. In general, it is usually better to go with something that is easier to shoot. If it hurts to shoot, you won’t want to train with it..and if you don’t train with it you probably shouldn’t carry it.

  20. StyleRose says:

    I love 1 and 2
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    Believe me the Holsters Whisperer is there!

  21. Maggy says:

    i bought the Sig938 for its size and quality but I find it’s painful to shoot and difficult for me to get on target. So I bought a Shield and LOVE everything about it it! Feels good in my hand, easy to get on target and small enough to conceal well. Plan on selling the 938, very disappointed with it.

    • countrystarr says:

      People like the Sig P938 because it puts a 9mm round in such a small and concealable package. But you are right….it hurts to shoot and the Shield is much more comfortable.

  22. Debbie Wolfe says:

    What about Sig Sauer SP 2022 9mm? I’ve been asking around for a gun to carry with me while I walk my property, etc. Someone recommended this to me. What do you think?

    • countrystarr says:

      Yes..the Sig SP2022 is an excellent choice. It won’t be as concealable as something like the S&W Shield, but it will have less recoil and be easier to shoot. Sig has an excellent reputation.

  23. TBill says:


    Great List!

    My personal survey: my realtor (Jane) carries a Sig 938. My daughter Sara carries an MP Shield 9 mm. My dentist (Ann) carries a Lady Hawk (9 mm) and my next door neighbor (Carrie) packs a Glock 42 (380 ACP). So, the women I know seem to have read your list!

    Me, I carry a Glock 43 in 9 mm and have a safe full of 1911 45’s and 9’s. And, there is a 12 Gauge by the bed!

    BTW… the best shot of them all (including me): my daughter Sara – dead on up to 25 yards.

  24. Nancy K. Anderson says:

    I have a 38 Taurus handgun, titanium as I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands. Live in New York State and looking into assault weapon. I need one that is not with a hard recoil, light in weight, and more of the carbine length. Do you have any suggestions for what I would look at? I need one that is legal in New York as being a newer resident it was a bit harder to receive my non restrictive carry, I had this in Georgia and Louisiana, had training by a Navy Seal in one state and the NRA 10 hour course in New Orleans. I need a gun that if a home invasion I can unload it very quickly into the perpetrator. Thank you for the help