Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

To guarantee the security of your data, we do not store any credit card numbers or 3 digit security codes on any of our computers or anywhere in our office. In fact, we do not even see your credit card number or 3 digit security code. We use for all of our payment processing and when you complete the checkout process on our website, your information is encrypted using powerful 256-bit encryption and passed at this powerful encryption level to your credit card company, who authorizes the transaction.

The Kinds of Information We Collect

We only collect information necessary to ship products to you. This includes your name, address, and e-mail. We keep this information 100% confidential. We do not sell, share, trade, or exchange this information with anybody else for any reason.

Positive Secure Socket Layer (SSL) by

Yeah we know, "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) sounds like a bunch of techno-babble. What it means is that when information is transferred over the internet, SSL will encrypt the information into a mathematically unbreakable code on your computer before the information is transmitted over the internet. We use the trusted Internet company to provide our SSL encryption. was one of the first SSL providers to upgrade their encryption level to powerful 256-bit encryption. By not storing credit card data on our computers, and by using 256 bit encryption for data transfer, we are able to guarantee the safety of our customer's personal information.

We use Google marketing tools for our website visitors. You can opt out of Google marketing tools for our website -as well as all other websites- by visiting Google Ads Settings

Our website also uses analytics software. This helps us know how many visitors come to our site and which pages on our site are the most popular. The analytics software is totally anonymous. It simply helps us see how popular our site is overall and which pages on our site are the most visited.