Belt and Clip Side Holster

Belt and Clip Side Holster

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Our Belt & Clip Side Holster is perfect for easy to draw, convenient open carry. It can be used for hunting, at the gun range, and self-protection. The holster attaches to your pants using either a belt loop or a reversible metal clip.

This holster is designed for open carry on your hip. It is made using durable Cordura ballistic nylon. The inner layer of the holster is lined with soft fabric to protect the finish on your gun. A padded nylon vapor barrier is located in between to provide additional retention and to protect your gun from moisture.

The holster uses a thumb break retention strap to secure the gun. The inside strap is made from rigid plastic which allows your thumb to easily break the retention strap and draw the gun with one hand in a single smooth motion. Holster is Ambidextrous.

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