We want to form lifetime relationships with our customers, so we'll do everything we reasonably can to take care of issues you have with items you purchased from us.

Most of our holster suppliers have 1 year warranties. However we think it is easier for you to deal directly with us to take care of any warranty related issues on holsters. So for the first year you own your product, if you have any problems with a holster or other item you've purchased from us, Contact Us and we'll take care of it. Our holster suppliers have very high quality standards so it is rare our customers need warranty service, but occasionally some customers have issues. Some examples include:

  • If you accidentally bend a metal clip, we'll send you a replacement clip.
  • If any stitching comes loose we'll either send a prepaid envelope and fix it here and send it back to you, or we'll send you a new replacement item.
  • If you run into any other problems with holsters let us know and we'll take care of it.

Holsters that you've had for more than a year no longer fall under warranty, but depending on your issue we'll still try to take care of it. After a year we look at things on a case by case basis, but below are some examples of things we've done in the past for customers after a year:

  • A customer bought an Ankle Deputy holster from us about 6 years ago and used it 5 days a week or more during the last 6 years. The holster was still in good condition but the customer wanted new velcro sewn on the base. Normally after 6 years of fairly heavy use we would recommend for a customer to buy a new holster. But his holster was still in very good condition, and he liked the one he had and did not want to buy a new one. So we asked him to mail it to us, and we sewed on new velcro, and sent it back out to him all at no charge.
  • Another customer bent the metal clip on an IWB Concealment Holster about 18 months after he bought it from us. This is hard to do because the metal clips on the IWB Concealment Holsters we sell are quite strong. Even though it had been longer than a year, we sent him a new metal clip on our dime. About a year later, he bent the 2nd one! This time we sent him two new metal clips, again on our dime. Now...if he bends those additional two metal clips and needs even more, at that point we might need to charge him to send him more. But we'll always send out at least one replacement metal clip on our dime to our customers, even if they've owned the holster for several years.