The Ankle Deputy TM
Left Handed

The Kimber Ultra TLE II will require a medium width pant leg to adequately conceal on your ankle. Narrow cut jeans or slacks will cause the gun to show through the pants.

The Ankle Deputy is made by SideFire Holsters in the USA. This ergonomically shaped holster uses medical grade padded laminated fabric around your ankle. This padded fabric uses open celled foam making it breathable. Open celled foam is much more comfortable than closed cell neoprene (neoprene quickly gets sweaty and hot).

The Ankle Deputy has a strong breathable stretch band that wraps around your lower calf and velcros to the other side. It has a leather support sewn on the outside which allows the holster to be angled forward for the best concealment under your pant leg. The holster itself is made from durable ballistic nylon. It is padded and has a soft inner lining to protect the surface of the gun.

The Ankle Deputy will fit about 98% of people out of the box. If you have extra large lower calves, contact us and we can include a free extender.

An optional Calf Strap is available. Click here for more info.

For Kimber Ultra TLE II with 3" barrel.

Click here for the right handed model.

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Ankle Holster - Left Handed for Kimber Ultra TLE II with 3" barrel

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  • Left Handed (for right hand click here)
  • Made in the USA by SideFire
  • Conceals best with medium width pant leg
  • Forward angle design for concealment
  • Breathable padded ankle lining for comfort
  • Durable ballistic nylon and leather
  • Model Number: AALH_12_A

Info About Optional Calf Strap

Your lower calf gets smaller as it goes down. This can cause an ankle holster to slide down your leg. Using a calf strap will hold the ankle holster at a fixed height on your leg. Deciding if you need a calf strap depends on a handful of factors:

  • Weight of the gun
  • Shape of your lower leg
  • Size of your ankle bone
  • Personal preference

Left Handed Ankle Deputy Holster with Calf Strap

Ankle Deputy with Optional Calf Strap

The left handed Calf Strap is the same as the right handed Calf Strap but additionally includes an extender that allows left handed users to comfortably rotate the Calf Strap 180 degrees to the opposite side of their leg for left handed use.

Some holsters makers are using a shoe insert to support their ankle holster. We've heard from customers that this shoe insert is not comfortable. These customers prefer the Ankle Deputy's padded calf strap system since the calf strap is better at distributing the weight of the gun.

About 35% of customers who buy an Ankle Deputy for the Kimber Ultra TLE II also buy the optional calf strap. The gun is a medium size and weight so a lot is going to depend on the shape of your lower calf and your personal preference. If you are unsure if you need the calf strap, we recommend buying the Ankle Deputy first without the calf strap. You can always come back later and buy the calf strap if you decide you need it.

Click here to learn more about the optional calf strap or to add the calf strap to your shopping cart. At that link is a short video as well as other info about the calf strap.

If you buy the optional calf strap we also include a cinch strap at no extra charge. The cinch strap can be used to hold the gun closer to your leg. It also provides additional stability while walking. Wearing the cinch strap is optional.

Left Handed Ankle Deputy Holster with Calf Strap and Cinch Strap

Ankle Deputy with Calf Strap and Cinch Strap
Ankle Holster - Left Handed for Kimber Ultra TLE II with 3" barrel is available to buy in increments of 1
Ankle Holster - Left Handed for Kimber Ultra TLE II with 3 inch barrel