Hello, I am excited to be partnering with our good friends at Ready Holster to bring you a series of text and video blog posts that are designed to help you develop and improve your shooting skills. As my screen name denotes, I come from a Law Enforcement background where I am currently the firearms instructor for two police agencies. I actually chose the screen name from a term one of my colleges threw out in a jest, while a group of us were working with one particular police academy cadet who was having a difficult time passing the final qualifications. The techniques we will show you in this series will, if practiced, make any shooter a better shooter, and it will enable good shooters to turn into "gun fighters" The posts will appear here on Ready Holster and on my own website www.cadetwhisperer.com . On my website you will be able to registered your credentials as a Law Enforcement or Military individual and have access to advanced tactical techniques not provided to the general public. However, the information provided in the general public posts will contain many of the techniques currently being taught in Police Departments, Police Academies, and utilized by IDPA and USPSA competitors. Some of these top competitors teach at police academies right alongside the sworn instructors. Please refer back to this site soon and be prepared to work!