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  1. Drop Leg Thigh Holster Latest Offering from Ready Holster

    Drop Leg Thigh holsters, also known as Tactical Thigh Holsters, have previously been expensive and focused on a narrow range of hand guns.  Ready Holster announces new affordable nylon tactical thigh holsters that will work for a wide range of hand guns. Salt Lake City, UT (26, July 2011)  Ready Holster is announcing the launch of their new line...
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  2. Ready Holster Announces New Line of Shoulder Holsters

    Historically shoulder holsters have been heavy and awkward to use.  The design team at Ready Holster has implemented a new strong, lightweight design using ballistic nylon making the shoulder holster easier and more comfortable to use.   Salt Lake City, UT (8, July 2011)  Ready Holster announces it’s new line of shoulder holsters including Horizontal Shoulder Holsters as well as...
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  3. Holsters for Springfield XD Subcompact Now Being Sold Nationwide by Ready Holster

    As sales of the side holsters for the XD increase, Ready Holster expands their line of holsters for the Springfield handgun. Salt Lake City, UT (18, July 2011)--- Ready Holster now has new companion holsters for their popular side holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact. Joining the line up are concealed, shoulder and tactical holsters. [caption id="attachment_113" align="alignleft...
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  4. Ready Holster releases its Line of Concealed Holsters for 1911’s

    The Colt 1911 has been one of the most long lasting durable handgun designs.  It is widely copied making it one of the most common handguns in the world.  Ready Holster announces the release of a low profile concealment holster for 1911 Pistols. SALT LAKE CITY, UT (12, July 2011)--- The Colt 1911 was designed by John Browning and...
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  5. A New Expansion of Holsters for Laser Equipped Guns Available from Ready Holster

    As laser manufacturers such as Crimson Trace and LaserMax grow in popularity, so does the demand for holsters that can accommodate guns with these lasers. Ready Holster is pleased to announce new holster designs that will satisfy the demand for these holsters. Salt Lake City, UT (11, July 2011) --- Ready Holster saw the growing need for a holster...
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  6. Ready Holster Celebrates the Beginning of Their Second Year of Business

    At only a year old Ready Holster has gone through much growth. Ready Holster’s founder and President Matthew Prestwich, looking towards a bright future, says Ready Holster isn’t about to slow down now. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (05, July 2011) --- Ready Holster, though only a year old, has grown much and is still supplying quality holsters to customers...
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