Drop Leg Thigh holsters, also known as Tactical Thigh Holsters, have previously been expensive and focused on a narrow range of hand guns.  Ready Holster announces new affordable nylon tactical thigh holsters that will work for a wide range of hand guns.

Salt Lake City, UT (26, July 2011)  Ready Holster is announcing the launch of their new line of Drop Leg Thigh Holsters.  These types of holsters are known as Tactical Thigh Holsters.  These holsters are designed to be worn on the outside of the pant leg for highly active kinetic environments.  This includes activities like hunting, parachuting, or law enforcement raids.

“Most thigh holsters are very expensive” said Matthew McPhie, head of product design at Ready Holster.  “The reason is because most holster makers are making exact molds of the firearm and then building the holster around that.  This molding process also drastically limits the number of firearms that can fit in the holster,” McPhie continued.  “With our expertise in manufacturing using ballistic nylon, we found that we were able to make a strong and durable tactical drop leg holster out of nylon.  This reduced the cost substantially.  Also, the flexible nature of ballistic nylon enables a wide variety of handguns to fit in the holster,” said McPhie.

Rose Mari Jones, Ready Holster’s VP of Marketing emphasized, “We are manufacturing eight different sizes of the tactical holster.  Because of the flexibility of the ballistic nylon, between the 8 sizes of holster we can fit hundreds of different semi-automatic handguns.”

The design team and Ready Holster decided that the retention strap on their new tactical holsters should deploy a clip style retention strap.  The clip is used in preference to a thumb break retention strap to increase the security of holding the gun in place.

“We have had a lot of interest from our military customers.  Most active duty military personnel are wearing body armor.  This prevents them from wearing a sidearm on their belt.  Some tactical holsters are meant to be worn around the chest area, which also interferes with rapid deployment of the weapon,” said Matthew McPhie.  “Sometimes soldiers assume a sniper type position where it is difficult to lie in place with body armor on.  By locating the the tactical holster on the thigh, this allows military personnel to keep their handgun on their person even their body armour is off,” finished McPhie.

“Most of our active duty customers are using thigh holsters for their military issue sidearms.  This includes a drop leg holster for a Beretta 92,” said Rose Mari Jones.  “Some of our Air Force customers are still using their trusty 1911’s.  It’s not often that a member of the USAF needs a drop leg holster, but we have had a handful of active duty Air Force personnel get a tactical thigh holster for a Springfield 1911,” concluded Jones.

Ready holster anticipates their holsters to also be useful for domestic police forces.  Most SWAT teams are also wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle during operations.  Tactical holsters need to be down and away from their many body armor area, as well as being secure and easily accessible.