At only a year old Ready Holster has gone through much growth. Ready Holster’s founder and President Matthew Prestwich, looking towards a bright future, says Ready Holster isn’t about to slow down now. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (05, July 2011) --- Ready Holster, though only a year old, has grown much and is still supplying quality holsters to customers in the United States.   As he celebrates the anniversary Matthew Prestwich, President and founder of Ready Holster, reflects the past year and announces plans for the future. In an interview at the Ready Holster 1st Anniversary Party held on July 2nd,  Prestwich said “It’s been very gratifying to see Ready Holster develop like this,” Prestwich continued, “When I first created Ready Holster I had no idea just how fast it would grow.  Before Ready Holster there were a lot of existing handgun models that didn’t have holsters.  Plus gun manufacturers are coming out with an increasing number of models every year.  There is a huge demand for holsters to accommodate these guns.” Prestwich continued,  “As our second year begins we are please to have already made some improvements to Ready Holster.  For instance we began to implement our new innovative modification to our concealed holsters.  We have also released the Holster Finder v. 2.0. and updated our holster video demonstrations.” “It’s been a long year but worth it. I haven’t done it by myself though,” Prestwich reported,” I have had a lot of help to get this far, and I would like to take a moment to thank all of my staff and my dedicated employee’s. They are what has made Ready Holster what is today.” At their important one year mile stone Ready Holster announced a new project that They have in the works. “Our experts, as we speak, are doing research into selling lasers and other tactical supplies.” Prestwich reported, “We are very excited about this new expansion and we hope to have this new wing of out business up and running as soon as possible.” About Ready Holster Ready Holster was started in 2010 by the President, Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.