Historically shoulder holsters have been heavy and awkward to use.  The design team at Ready Holster has implemented a new strong, lightweight design using ballistic nylon making the shoulder holster easier and more comfortable to use.
Salt Lake City, UT (8, July 2011)  Ready Holster announces it’s new line of shoulder holsters including Horizontal Shoulder Holsters as well as Vertical Shoulder Holsters.  By using strong lightweight ballistic nylon, the design team at Ready Holster has reduced the weight and discomfort typically associated with shoulder holster use.
Most shoulder holster designs include a suspender like strap system that goes over each shoulder.  The strap is connected to the holster on one side of your body and then down to your belt.  Only using a strap over the shoulder can cause discomfort and irritation where the strap rubs against the shoulder.  In the past attempts to try to reduce this discomfort were hampered by the additional weight and bulk associated with making shoulder pads. “Because of our expertise manufacturing with ballistic nylon, we found that we could make a shoulder pad that spread the weight out over the entire shoulder area while keeping the weight down to a minimum,” said Matthew McPhie of the design team at Ready Holster.  “Before this innovation it often could be difficult for people to wear a shoulder holster for more than few hours due to discomfort and irritation around the shoulder area.  With the ballistic nylon shoulder pads, it’s now possible to comfortably wear the holster all day,” continued McPhie. Rose Mari Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Ready Holster added, “the shoulder pad design also makes the holster more comfortable for our female customers.  We are finding that as time goes on a larger and larger percentage of our customers are women.  We want to make sure our products are as comfortable and easy to use as possible for both our male and our female customers.” The shoulder holsters made by Ready Holster are ambidextrous and can be configured for both right handed and left handed use.   The holster itself uses a plastic thumb break style retention strap to hold the gun into place.  The rigid plastic of the thumb side of the retention strap makes it easy for users to release the button on the retention strap with one hand. “One of my favorite things about our shoulder holsters is our double magazine pouch on the other side of the shoulder holster,” said McPhie.  “I use this shoulder holster for a Colt 1911.  Since the 1911 only has a single stacked magazine, it is really nice to have the two extra magazines if I need them,” McPhie concluded. About Ready Holster Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.