The Colt 1911 has been one of the most long lasting durable handgun designs.  It is widely copied making it one of the most common handguns in the world.  Ready Holster announces the release of a low profile concealment holster for 1911 Pistols. SALT LAKE CITY, UT (12, July 2011)--- The Colt 1911 was designed by John Browning and manufactured by Colt Firearms for the U.S. Army in the year 1911.  The design proved to be very reliable and successful.  When the original patents expired for the Colt 1911, the design of the firearm was widely copied by other gun manufacturers.  This has led to the 1911 being one of the most common handguns in the world. Ready Holster announces the release of a new concealed holster for handguns based on the 1911 design.  “The slender design of the 1911 makes it an ideal gun for concealed carry,” said Rose Jones, chief of product development for Ready Holster.  “Our goal was to design a low profile concealable holster that would accentuate the slender design of a 1911 and would not add extra bulk when carrying concealed,” Jones continued. Matthew McPhie, assistant product designer at Ready Holster added, “Many states have begun to relax their concealed carry laws.  Millions of Americans are taking concealed carry classes and are getting licensed to carry concealed firearms in their state.”  McPhie continued “This has created a big demand for low profile concealment holsters.  The 1911 is very popular for concealed carry because it has a slender design, but uses large caliber rounds.  We felt that by making a low profile concealed holster for 1911’s we would be able to meed the demand from our customers who have 1911’s.” Ready Holster uses a simple design to keep the profile of the holster as small as possible.  “We wanted to keep the bulk of the holster at a minimum.  However, we also wanted to make sure the holster protected the surface finish of the gun,” said Jones.  “We accomplished this by using soft fabric to line the inside of the holster, combined with ballistic nylon for the outer layer of the holster.  We made the holster without retention straps which saved the extra bulk of using nylon webbing that would be required to hold retention straps,” continued Jones. “Leaving off the retention straps had two benefits,” McPhie added, “The first benefit is making the 1911 holster slender and easier to conceal.  The second benefit is making it faster and easier to draw the firearm from the holster.  People carrying concealed are already at a disadvantage when drawing their gun because they have to fight through their shirt to reach the handle of the gun.  When you’re in an emergency situation, every second counts.”  McPhie continued, “Not having the retention strap makes it easier and faster to draw the gun.” Ready Holster designed the concealment holster for inside the waistband use.  It is fastened to your waistband with a metal clip.  The gun and the holster are retained tight into place by wearing a belt which goes over the clip. About Ready Holster Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.