As sales of the side holsters for the XD increase, Ready Holster expands their line of holsters for the Springfield handgun. Salt Lake City, UT (18, July 2011)--- Ready Holster now has new companion holsters for their popular side holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact. Joining the line up are concealed, shoulder and tactical holsters. [caption id="attachment_113" align="alignleft" width="300"]Springfield XD Subcompact Springfield XD Sub-Compact[/caption] Ready Holster has been working hard to keep up with the strong demand of holsters for the Springfield XD Subcompact.  Ready holster has also been expanding their line of holsters for the XD Subcompact.  Ready Holster’s President, Matthew Prestwich reported, “We are excited about our new side holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact with laser.  Especially with how popular the XD has become we needed to design a holster that could accommodate a rail mounted laser. However even with this addition we still needed more holsters to supply the growing demand; now we have expanded our line.” Prestwich then began to elaborate on the three new holsters that Ready Holster was making available. Starting with the IWB holsters he said, “We designed the concealed holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact so that it allows for placement either in the small of your back, or to your side. It also allows for left handed use. The holster also has a narrow profile which makes it highly concealable on the inside of your pants. Even though the XD subcompact is a little bigger than most subcompacts it is still a good size for concealment. The concealment holster for the XD is designed with the XD size in mind and is modified to be able to allow its barrel to fit into the concealed holster. “The design of the tactical holster for the Springfield XD Subcompact includes a retention strap with a clip which provides the strong retention for your gun required for high activity situations,” Prestwich continued, “We realized that many people would want to be able to do more with their XD than to just take it to the range so we knew this was a must. And even with the strong retention clip it is still undo the clip and draw the gun with one hand.” “The last holster that we thought we really needed to add to our line of XD products was a horizontal shoulder holster for the XD Subcompact. Because of the short barrel of the subcompact XD it is a perfect candidate for concealing in a horizontal shoulder holster.” Prestwich said. Ready Holster’s horizontal shoulder holster are designed to be adjustable to fit different body types and has a pouch for extra magazines.” “At Ready Holster we are always looking for ways in which we can expand our line of products, and we are very excited about these three new holsters for the the Springfield XD subcompact. We plan to continue to make additions to our store as often as we can,” Prestwich concluded. About Ready Holster Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.