As the Beretta Px4 Storm has become more popular, the design team at Ready Holster has made an innovative new approach to concealing the sizable Storm. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (28, June 2011) --- Ready Holster announces it’s new line of concealed holsters for all sizes of the Beretta Px4 Storm. The innovative design for their holsters makes the Storm an ideal gun for concealment. The power and form of the Storm have made it one of Beretta’s most successful firearms; however due to its considerable size, the Beretta Storm has previously been hard to conceal. Instead of an obstacle, Ready Holster saw this as an opportunity to excel. Matthew Prestwich, President of Ready Holster is pleased with the results. “The problem with most IWB holsters is that they are very restrictive as far as size goes. Many guns with large girths, like the IWI Baby Eagle or H&K P2000, even if their barrel is short enough to conceal, just won’t fit in most concealment holsters,” Prestwich reported, “Even the Beretta Storm Sub-compact won’t fit because, though shorter in length, still has a large barrel girth. Most concealment holster designs restrict the size of barrel that can fit in the holster. For maximum concealment, these restrictive holsters are made with as little material as possible. There is just enough material enough to hold the gun in place. The holster is made with a a pouch containing a hole in the bottom to allow the barrel to go though but prevent the trigger guard from slipping through as well. In order to make sure the holster doesn’t let the gun fall though the hole in the bottom, the hole can’t be too big or else it risks the gun working its way loose. “Because of this restriction, most guns with a barrel girth bigger than about an inch don’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix of fitting in most concealment holsters,” said Jonathan DeMann, the Quality Control Manager at Ready Holster. “The answer is simple,” DeMann continues, “It happens in the quality control just before the holster is shipped out. The people in the QC department increase the size of the hole to accommodate the specific gun. For instance if someone bought a concealed holster for the Beretta Storm we would then, using the specifications of that gun, custom modify the holster. To ensure the strength of the holster we drive a rivet though the bottom.” “We are very excited about the new expansions we’ve made with this innovation,” Prestwich said, “We are adding new guns to our list for modified concealment holsters and we are very glad that The Beretta storm is now on that list.” About Ready Holster Ready Holster was started 2010 by Matthew Prestwich. He saw the growing need for holsters and has been rapidly expanding Ready Holster since its creation.